PHOTO Posted: 2019.01.14

Some slight changes have been made...

During the end of 2018/start of 2019, only one final track was left to vocalize. Things were not looking good at this point and I had to let our current vocalist go. A few days later, on January 8th, I finally asked my daughter, Chelsea, to fill in as the replacement vocalist. So now, she'll have the task of redoing all five tracks for our upcoming new funeral doom metal album as she is excited to do so. We also did a new photoshoot to reflect these changes. More to come soon!!

PHOTO Posted: 2018.05.21

Writing new album!!

Now that "Black Noise Paranormal" is out of the way, we have been busy writing brand new material for our next album. We are excited to let you know that we have recently acquired a new female vocalist, Clarissa, who has already demoed a few tracks for our next full-length album. The album was started almost directly after the release of "Black Noise Paranormal". The genre of our next work in progress album has also changed to a more darkened, funeral doom metal style. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!!

MUSIC Posted: 2018.03.18

"Black Noise Paranormal" is now available ONLINE!!

Our new album "Black Noise Paranormal" can now be streamed and purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube and many other sites.

Cheers, Darkj.

Frozen Mist - Black Noise Paranormal (2018) Frozen Mist - Black Noise Paranormal (2018) Frozen Mist - Black Noise Paranormal (2018) Frozen Mist - Black Noise Paranormal (2018)

Frozen Mist - Black Noise Paranormal (2018)
MUSIC Posted: 2018.03.07

Listen to "The Spectre's Shadow" on ReverbNation!!

I have made the final master version of "The Spectre's Shadow" available to check out on our ReverbNation site. This will be the final version available on the full length CD coming March 10, 2018! Check it out below!!

PHOTO Posted: 2018.02.11

"Black Noise Paranormal" is finally done!!

Walt has put the final touches of his lead guitar solos on the album. Now it's time to get down 'n' dirty with the final mixing and mastering stages.