THE GOTHIC ERA (2004-2008)

FROZEN MIST was created by me, Jamie "Darkj" Stonge, in February 2004. Bottom line... I wanted to continue to make metal music after the downfall of my band MAZZEY in 2001. In the beginning, the focus musically and lyrically was basically gothic metal, because that's what I was into back then, thus combining my roots for the love of old school thrash and death metal. This created what was, or is known as a unique twist in metal music, especially for a one-man solo project in my area.

I was heavily into the gothic and doom metal scene musically, and wanted to sound like various bands such as MY DYING BRIDE, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, TRISTANIA and various other metal bands that had female fronted vocalists. So onward I went, scouring online for women who could sing, and of course, who were into gothic metal. A few honorable mentions were Kathryn "Silver" Lough who guest vocaled on one track from "NIGHTMARE'S OF THE AUTUMN SUCCUBUS", "RETURN TO CAPCOMIA" and "PAST SEASONAL HALLUCINATIONS"; Taryn Graybeal on half of "WINTERASYLUM"; Sofia Baklatzi on three tracks from "CEMETERY RAIN II"; Katarina Rose on "GODFORSAKEN" and the first half of "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW"; and finally S. Lee Baysinger on the final half of "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW".

Lyrically, back then I talked about darkness, isolation, depression, lust and various other gothic type themes. I remember Lilith (a succubus) was a highlight in my lyrics quite heavily. I was really into the Capcom video game "Darkstalkers" also, which pushed that inspiration futher into my music and lyric writing.

Making CD's of my music was always fun for me since the old MAZZEY days. But I didn't just want to have FROZEN MIST burnt onto plain blank CD's. It needed artwork. It needed to look professional. Women on front covers always have appealed to me to want to buy an album back in the day, not sure why, it just did. To me, it didn't matter if the music sucked or not, the front cover had a hot sexy chick on the front!! So that's what I wanted to do with FROZEN MIST... and have pretty much followed that standard up to this day. It mostly started out from Googling images online in the gothic or Lilith frame of mind, mostly ideas from the dark fantasy artist named Luis Royo, and by utilizing those pictures, I thought it would make a killer cover, resizing them and then adding my logo and album title fonts to it. So that's how the cover artwork for FROZEN MIST came about.

With shitty sounding-type instruments and plugins abused from the FL Studio music composing software, I hummed out riffs and sounds from my head and then laid out the tracks in the program. Music came very easy for me because of my unconditional love for metal music. The uniqueness really didn't start until a year later, in 2005, when I really started delving into the programs various VST plugins. Everything from industrial gothic styled background drums, techno/electro hi-q pop sounds, low bass hums... all mixed with my metal music? Sure, why the fuck not!? I was virtually invincible and nothing would ever stop me from making my own sub-genre of music that no other could possibly think of... That's when I couldn't really call my style of music just plain old "gothic metal", hence I started coming up with my own names for genres, such as "gothic fantasy metal" or "dark melodic horror metal". This particular genre of mine didn't start until later in '06 during the "GODFORSAKEN" recording sessions.

As the years passed, so did technology, and also updates and newer versions of FL Studio. In other words, the sound of my music started getting extremely better in a good way. No more of the shitty sounding guitar sounds, blah, blah, etc... That, to me, was my main downfall in listening to my music... the guitars just didn't sound "real" enough to me and I didn't want my listeners saying, "Well why don't you just get a real guitar and play it??" Number 1: I'm not a guitar player; Number 2: Guitars cost money, something of which I didn't have alot of, and Number 3: It's so much easier and faster getting guitar riffs and humming out of my mind and into FL Studio. So basically, I have just stuck with that algorithm ever since.

I did some experimentation with a new instrument (or should I say "fake" sounding plugin trying to sound realistic) for FROZEN MIST in 2005. Clean acoustic guitar!! Not only did I add little snippits of clean guitar during various verse, bridge and chorus sections from past releases, but I also self-released an all dark and depressive acoustic EP named "ETHEREAL ETERNITY". I started implementing my vocals as a clean style and mixing with death metal growls. Could I have sang better? Hahaha, probably. But I really didn't care to. All I wanted to do was to make music, hovering around the metal genre but veering off the "not-so-treaded" path of darkness and into the misty woods searching for that so-called rest area away from the headbanging just for a short while.

In 2006, my music was starting to get even more complex. Starting with the "GODFORSAKEN" album, I managed to find the "perfect" female vocalist to join me... Katarina Rose. I remember finding her on MySpace after a comment she posted on one of MY DYING BRIDE's photo albums. I stalked her profile and remember reading that she also had a solo-project of her own (more in the vein of ambient clean soft rock type of stuff, but she was into doom metal which was cool in my book) and that she SANG!! I checked out a few random tracks of hers and realized her voice was the perfect tone and harmony that I was exactly looking for in FROZEN MIST!! So, we exchanged emails, chatted on Yahoo messenger like we knew each other for a long time. This was my destiny. I have found the perfect female vocalist for FROZEN MIST!! She participated in 9 out of 10 tracks on the "GODFORSAKEN" album. Then I think she lost interest after that, I can't really remember the whole damn story, but it fucking pissed me off because she was so perfect for what I was trying to achive for my project. Thus, so ended "GODFORSAKEN".

Directly after that came new implemented instruments for the next album "SAPPHIRIC". Originally titled "BLEU" like bleu cheese, but more-so focused on the color of the sky "blue", but changed the last two letters around to be like "bleu", because I thought it was cool. Whatever. So I changed the name of the album again to "SAPPHIRE" as a SHADE of the color BLUE, hence keeping the original reference of the albums basic starting off title. I then added my twist (with the -ic) and eventually called it "SAPPHIRIC" as the final title. I had a few previous album titles before "BLEU", remembering off hand were "INTO THE ARMS OF DECAY" and "POETIC HORROR", which both ended up being demo tracks and the latter was thrown onto the album. "Into the Arms of Decay" was too long of a track to put on the album (11+ minutes) and I already had well over 70 minutes of music, and so it was never released to the public to this day. Jessica Schlotter was invited to participate her vocals as a guest on the track "The Firefly Field". Robert Frank (from ex-MAZZEY) also made a guest appearance on two tracks, "DR3ADF3AR" and "morbidly yours...". "SAPPHIRIC" was a highlight album for me, because (#1) it's the last full-length album I put out in 2006, (#2) this was my final album as a "solo-project", (#3) I started growing my hair long and (#4) I drastically changed the style of FROZEN MIST's music after this release to a more extreme, more fuller band.

The next album to come would be "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" which spawned various titles before I came to a final decision. Mentionables ones I remember were "EMBRACING DESPAIR" and "EMBRACE THE SPIRIT", which formed one the first demo songs I wrote for the album. This album would be the landmark of all FROZEN MIST albums in general, basically (#1) because of the use of the now implemented instruments, which were by far the best I've ever used for the history of FROZEN MIST music at this point, (#2) the use of female vocals again, and (#3) the very first time to actually have REAL guitars to play lead solos. "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" to many recognize this album to actually be the first in FROZEN MIST history because of how much it was promoted and how much fuller the sound was compared to previous albums. MySpace was a huge success for a promotional and marketing tool back then, which scoured the friends and fans list to over 10,000 in just a few months!! I asked Katarina Rose (previously from the "GODFORSAKEN" album) to rejoin the band and Walt Davis (a local lead guitarist) to come up with lead guitar parts for the new tracks. Recording for the album started in October 2006 and lasted to the beginning of 2008. This was the longest time I've spent on just recording one album!! In the past, when I was just a solo-project, I'd come up with full-length albums in less than 2 to 3 months. I basically took my time with this monstrosity because I knew I wanted it to sound good. To sound better than my previous albums. I felt like FROZEN MIST had to be on top of the underground metal scene, at least in Pennsylvania, and I wanted so bad for people all around the world to recognize my name, my band, my music... that I've put so much hard work and effort creating a such beautiful gothic metal masterpiece.

Two local women tried out for female vocals before Katarina Rose was asked back. Both Antares Barr and Samantha Frome recorded their demo vocal tracks here at Capcomia Studios, but it didn't quite grab me as the operatic gothic type of female vocals that I was searching for, so then Katarina Rose was invited back into FROZEN MIST, because of her voice (that I remembered from the "GODFORSAKEN" days) was once again, exactly what I was looking for... her haunting and beautiful melodies were the perfect antidote for my music. Hands down. Both her and Walt Davis lasted for the first half of the album (6 out of the 10 tracks), so I still had 4 more tracks that needed female vocals and lead guitar parts! So basically, I was fucked!! I didn't want to just release the first six tracks for a full-length album damnit, I had ten motherfucking tracks and I wanted all of them on it to complete this album!!! Hovering on MySpace at the midway point of this album, I came across a progressive gothic metal suite from New Mexico called FATELESS TEARS where I met up with Richard and S. Lee Baysinger. I listened to their tracks that they had up on their MySpace and was completely enthralled by their sound! I showed them my band and let them know of my dilemma. I asked if they could help me complete the last four tracks for the "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" album that I've been longing to release, in which, they did. If it wasn't for them, this album would have never gotton finished or released!! So now you can see why this particular album took so fucking long to release... I was planning on releasing it in 2007, but because of the above situation of losing session members and then gaining the help from FATELESS TEARS, it just had to wait until it was finally complete.

The complete artwork for "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" came from Heidrun Thorthardottir, of Iceland and I stumbled across her Deviantart website. The images from her artwork, originally entitled "She", fit the personas concept of the album fucking perfectly. A promotional poster and one t-shirt that I planned to make were made by me, by also utilizing her awesome artwork as the final front cover.


Directly after the release of "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW", I decided it was time to drop the gothic styled music that I was into and re-create the whole FROZEN MIST experience to something even a little bit more darker, more scary and definitely more extreme. So, done were the times of searching for female vocals for the gothic metal era of FROZEN MIST. It was time to start something fresh and brand new.

During this time, I decided to go thru all of my past albums and compile together a sort of DVD entitled "THERE'S NO ESCAPE...", in which was a long time slogan I used alot in my lyrics back then. It included never before seen teaser clips, image slideshows and home-made music videos trying to promote the albums that I have made with FROZEN MIST. It was basically a history spawning from the start in 2004 all the way to 2008's "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" album. I produced the whole hour long DVD by myself and even made cover artwork along with a disc label. All of the copies were made here at Capcomia Studios and were thrown into DVD jewel cases. There were ten DVD's made that were given away to close friends. This basically ended this chapter of FROZEN MIST.

In the hot summer months of 2008, I met up with someone by the name of Wulv. He had gotton ahold of me online (I believe it was either Soundclick, Audiostreet or MySpace), and messaged me that he moved closer to where I lived. Wulv originally came from Berwick when he started his band project, FUNERAL DUST. So when I asked him where, he said around Millville, which is about 30 minutes away from me, and suggested that we meet up sometime and possibly collab together on a project... it was something along those lines, and of course, I was all about it. I said "HELL YEAH!!" I don't think those were quite the exact words I used, HAHAHA, I can't remember clearly how that went down. Soooo... anyways, yeah, we exchanged phone numbers and directions to each other's houses and that's pretty much how we met up in person. I was always a fan of FUNERAL DUST since the old Soundclick days and he liked the music I made for FROZEN MIST (at least I think, LOL!)

So the next night or a few days later, I drove to his house with directions in hand. We hung out, drank lots of beer and coffee, listened to some "black metal" (which I never really was into that much back in the day since I was basically into thrash and death metal alot more because that's what I grew up with), and he introduced me to alot of killer black metal bands such as DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL, NOKTURNAL MORTUM, MAYHEM, TEMNOZOR, KRODA, etc, etc... Then we hung out in his back woods (which we called "the skog") by the bonfire with beers in hand. We basically talked about our band influences and how we wanted to progress our solo band projects. Directly right after that, I then invited Wulv to be a permanent member for FROZEN MIST, doing backup vocals, which actually turned out to be a side-by-side, overdubbed, equally sharing lead vocal standpoint. He agreed, and off we were to start recording for the next full-length FROZEN MIST album for 2009.

"ESPERSHADES" would fit the title to the next FROZEN MIST album. An earlier title that spawned before I met Wulv was called "AWAKEN THE ESPER". With this particular album title in my mind, I was still in the gothic stages and this was actually going to be a continuation of the "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" album. Natrually, this didn't happen. It was also at this point in FROZEN MIST history that I started asking women, not to participate in vocals, but to pose or to use their images I thought would fit perfectly as cover models for future album artwork.

The first model that I asked to use artwork for "AWAKEN THE ESPER" would be someone by the name of Kitty. The background was sepia-toned and in her image, she was wearing all black clothing with attached bat wings. It was perfect for that time, but then after I decided to change FROZEN MIST's style of music, the image was tossed. I couldn't get ahold of this Kitty chick shortly after that, and so the whole idea and concept for that album was completely dropped.

I think a few weeks or so after this happened, I met a local girl in my area by the name of Melanie Swank and asked her if she would like to be the cover model for my band FROZEN MIST. Of course, she obliged to the idea. At this point, the album title was changed to "ESPERSHADES" and this would be the final title. So, we met up, dressed for the occasion for a first photo shoot. The place we went to shoot photos would be an old abandoned farm house just west of Hughesville. The structure was falling apart and had graffiti written practically everywhere on the walls. Dead shrubbery, trees and thorny vines surrounded the place. It was perfect in my eyes for a photo shoot. We shot several pictures and various poses to grasp a concept for an album cover idea. After we were done there, we drove to another place in the woods around Simpler Hollow (one of my favorite spots to shoot pictures). There we were surrounded by nature, where there was a small stream nearby. We shot some pictures here as well. Most of these images were used for promotional purposes on the FROZEN MIST MySpace page.

After a few months I believe, I remember Melanie (or a friend of hers), posted a manipulated picture of herself topless with black X'ed electrical tape over her nipples, wearing a bat-winged necklace and doing an awesome pose with a killer blurred background that looked like demons spawning all around in a sepia-toned color (very much resemblant of the original concept I had with Kitty, but a hell of alot better). This-- THIS would be the final artwork for the front cover of "ESPERSHADES"!!! Once I put the album title and FROZEN MIST logo onto the cover to grasp an idea or three, it was absolutely perfect. Around this time, I had also gotten ahold of Christophe Szpajdel (the infamous logo artist for metal bands) to create an actual logo for FROZEN MIST. BOOM!! It was perfection in my eyes at last.

After "ESPERSHADES", there was talk about Wulv re-starting his underground label, Wolf's Lair Records. So, him and I merged together and put both of our labels under the same banner as Capcomia Studios/Wolf's Lair Records. Wulv then re-released his first album "COVERED BY SNOW DRIFT" under our newly combined indie label. We were then starting to search for a solo-project or band to do a split with for FROZEN MIST.

A Virginia-based solo act by the name of PCYST would come into play here. Cy and myself met around the time "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" was released, and when we were in terms with a so-called asshole by the name of J.R. from Alabama who we allegedly, without completely knowing, signed a couple paged [contract and IPR] with a supposed Mournful Moon Productions (MMP). Driving under the influence, we all met in person at a restaurant/bar in Lock Haven. A few of our albums were supposed to be released under the MMP banner, my side-project BRUMOUS' "SINDERELLA" album for one I remember sending him everything for that release. It was shortly after I sent J.R. the materials for that, but then I wanted out of MMP, so basically, I called him up and I breached this "so-called" contract that I signed and told him that I wanted out or I would sue him. He said he ripped the contract and tossed the BRUMOUS "SINDERELLA" CD's. To this day, I'm not sure if he "actually" did this, but we are no longer in contact. His presence as far as I know, is not known on the internet anymore. This all happened in December 2008. This also ended the so-called Mournful Moon Productions.

Back to PCYST, he also got out of the whole MMP thing. It would be here that Wulv, Cy and myself would put together a split-CD and would also be the uniting of our first outside act to join Capcomia Studios/Wolf's Lair Records. The split was titled by me, and was called "THE BLASPHEMY INITIATION". The title's definition is based on the shit me and Cy went thru with MMP and the hatred that people have on our bands. Here, I composed three new tracks and a METAL CHURCH cover song, "PSYCHO". The three new songs were vocalized by myself only, including the overdubs. Wulv was a session member as a backing vocalist on "PSYCHO". Wulv also participated in Cy's side of the split, doing vocals on one track and guitars on two of PCYST's tracks.

The FROZEN MIST track entitled "0 (Zero)", was influenced by certain "people" from Ohio, aptly named the former B.S.O.G. of an ex-FORESTS OF OLD (a side-project owned by Wulv and Wolf's Lair Records, exclusively) and his "other-half" titled VINTRESS [puke]. It was a whole mess trying to separate B.S.O.G./VINTRESS from Wulv and FORESTS OF OLD and I somehow got involved into the mixture. Shit started to boil and get a bit too personal. Nobody would fuck around with my friends. As far as I know, they hate my guts and it really doesn't bother me. Bottom line... they're a bunch of fucking losers and that's basically what 0's lyrics are all about.

The cover artwork was modelled by Amanda Gottshall, a local in my area, posing nude with a forest-woodsy background setting that was heavily manipulated. "THE BLASPHEMY INITIATION" split was released online for free by Capcomia Studios/Wolf's Lair Records on July 18th, 2009.

Around the time the split CD was recording, I was already composing and recording FROZEN MIST's next full-length album. It was then that I was really starting to get into ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal. "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" came after a few attempts of album titles that surfaced in my mind. An earlier title summoned by the name of "PARANORMAL RITUALS" in which Amanda Gottshall was the cover model for. Amanda and I did do a photo shoot in March of 2009 for this early album title. I had the idea of her hanging in a noose from a tree. The images were taken by me at Simpler Hollow (once again, one of my favorite places to do photo shoots). I did a few photo edits, darkened them, blurred them, added various filters, etc., but then decided it was not exactly what I wanted. So those pictures were never used and were later trashed. After a few months, I lost contact with her.

Getting frustrated with what to do for a fresh new album cover model, I was browsing thru a photo album of my friend, Kindra Ravenmoon (who recently was featured on my side-project BRUMOUS' third album, entitled "KARMA"), and then decided to ask her for permission to use a set of her photos that were on her MySpace page. She emailed me the larger set and away I went on designing the album artwork for the new FROZEN MIST album, "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" ("WNP" for short). Also at this time, I asked Christophe Szpajdel to redesign a new logo for FROZEN MIST to better fit the albums theme.

In the late autumn of 2009, I decided it was time to make a semi-professional music video from the album to help promote "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL". Wulv and I were talking about it and gathered our ideas on where to shoot and finally we chose the track, "THE EXORCIST". We thought this particular track would be the staple song from this albums release and would benefit exactly on what this album was all about. We decided the video needed to be dark, so we mostly shot the video in Wulv's basement and in his backyard woods (the "skog"), and I really wanted a part of Katie's Church in there somewhere so it would fit the whole concept of not only the video, but the whole album itself. This part was added towards the end of the video, the outro. The making of the music video for "THE EXORCIST" took about three months to piece together and edit and was released to the public online on YouTube in March 2010, a month before "WNP" was out.

"WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" was finally released on April 3rd, 2010. I was very surprised on how much this particular album got recognized!! It seemed alot of my friends, interview and review sites and people that didn't know me or have never even heard my music really wanted this album. "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" was reviewed by quite a few people and was perched up pretty high on the shelf, an excellent standpoint in the FROZEN MIST musical career that I started. A mixture of alot of metal genres put into one. Who would've thought that THIS album would get this much attention? Well, the only thing I can say about that is that Wulv and myself, with our musical tastes, really put a HELL OF ALOT of effort into this monster-piece! And the final outcome is that it was well worth it. Everything that we put into the album, worked out very well and 2010 was definitely a great year for my band, FROZEN MIST.


After the release of "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL", I wanted to try something new... something that I have never done before. Delve into the style of black metal. During the summer of 2010, I started composing the next album in which I had a few titles in mind. The first was called "ABYSS OF SHADOWS" and then I changed it to "BLEEDING BLACK FORESTS". There was also another work in progess demo I was writing during the final stages of "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" entitled "AUTUMN WINDS DECAY", which later changed to "THE HAUNTED FOREST", which contained four tracks, with no vocals.

The final title ended up becoming "HAIL FUCKING DARKNESS". I also started implementing more blast beats with my drum program software. The bass software I was using during these recording sessions was a generic Rickenbacker sounding plugin called Broomstick Bass I believe. The bass did sound pretty damn good though I might add!! I had 7 tracks composed and a BURZUM cover, "Det Som En Gang Var", and I believe I was starting to write lyrics around the summer of 2010, but then I scraped this album completely and started writing and composing new music later that year. "HAIL FUCKING DARKNESS" ended up becoming an instrumetal demo instead.

"ANOMALIES OF THE FOREST" would be the next full-length album to surface from FROZEN MIST. This album was written between August and September 2010, with the exception of an additional track that was written in November that same year called "Sempiternal Grey Skies". This particular track didn't make it onto the album because the following month in December, my PC's hard drive crashed before I even had a chance to back it up!! My vocals were done and mixed in and lost those too along with the lyrics I wrote. The only backup I had of that track was a 160kbps instrumental mp3 file. The album cover was modelled by Zana Verbancic of Slovenia photoshopped into a background wooded area from a picture I took in the Pennsylvania mountains. The mastering job on this album was not my best because with the hard drive failure I had back in December 2010, I lost all my saved presets I had from my previous album masters, so I basically started from scratch and had to begin all over with trying to get the perfect sound for this album. The album does not clip, but the mixing is not the best on this album and there's no way for me to fix it since I lost all of the original work files. This also marks the first FROZEN MIST album as a pagan black metal release, the first that Wulv and myself implemented pagan instruments such as a pagan horn, sopilka, orcarina, rain stick and a shamanic drum. The FROZEN MIST logo was once again redrawn by Christophe Szpajdel to fit the concept for a pagan black metal style.

In March 2011, torwards the end of "ANOMALIES OF THE FOREST", I bought myself a used bass guitar. It was a Washburn Lyon Series. It was cheap and I wanted to start playing bass for future albums. So, I started composing music for the follow up to "ANOMALIES OF THE FOREST". Also, this next album, the overall sound of FROZEN MIST changed big time. I found out about a new guitar emulating program called Shreddage, which was indeed the most realistic sounding guitar VST plugin I have ever used!! The next demo that would come would be "DIABOLICAL APHOTICS", which originally was called "APHOTIC DECAY", which were just basic skeleton tracks of me playing bass with the composed rhythm guitar and drums. Some of these demos made it onto the next full length album, "MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON".

The next demo from August 2011 was called "MOTHIR JORTH PANTHEON", which in English is obviously "MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON". This was actually the instrumental version of the next album, just with some slightly different working track titles.

I don't remember exatly how I came up with this album title, I do though remember mountain hiking alot in 2011 and 2012, which further inspired the title... I believe first I just called it "MOTHER EARTH", but that alone wasn't good enough for me, so I added the "PANTHEON" along with it and thought that was a better title for the album. "Anthropopsychosis" was the first track I wrote for "MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON". This was also the first official album I used my new Washburn Lyon bass to record on, line in thru my PC's sound card. HAHAHA!! No compression and no effects, man. "The Devils Garden" and "Worlds End" were inspired solely by two landmarks fom Worlds End State Park located in Sullivan County, PA. This album was also heavily inspired by pagan metal (not so much "black metal", but more in the "death metal" style here) and also from the History Channel's new TV show at the time, "Vikings".

"MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON" marks the second album in the pagan black metal era of FROZEN MIST, and also the second that Zana was the album cover model for. Wulv also contributed backup vox and pagan instruments for the album. Zana's cover image was a pose she had done, I believe she told me, to help support women with breast cancer. When I was photoshopping the other elements into the cover (the slight flames on the bottom and the dark woods in the background) with her image, I deleted the top layers for the FROZEN MIST logo and album title so that she would stick out. The FROZEN MIST logo and album title appeared on the left side of the clear CD tray instead, along with a new FROZEN MIST "FM" shield logo that Christophe Szpajdel has drawn for our band that was placed in the center of the disc tray's background. "MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON" was released on April 28th, 2012.

Also, I had one "MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON" t-shirt made for myself around this time at a silkscreening store in Muncy. I never got more made because I wasn't sure how many people would actually buy and wear them. I did infact for the first time get a large supply of rectangular vinyl-styled FROZEN MIST stickers made that were on an all black background with the logo in white and underneath that in text read "Pennsylvanian Pagan Black Metal".

In mid-April 2012, I started writing new music for the next FROZEN MIST album. The first track I wrote was called "Eschatology", which was not the same version on the next full length. This first version remained in demo format and the riffs I wrote were never used on any future FROZEN MIST albums. "ESCHATOLOGY" was what I called the demo's main title and was also subtitled "THE END OF THE WORLD" written in Elder Futhark runes, possibly a connection I made as a continuance of "MOTHER EARTH PANTHEON", since the last track was indeed titled "Worlds End"? Hell, I'm not even sure. HAHAHA!! Must've been a coincidence.

A few months later in June, my wife and I took a road trip to south-western Pennsylvania, to the highest mountain peak in PA known as Mount Davis in which the elevation is 3,200' above sea level!! This was something the both of us wanted to see and also I was hoping this would inspire me more with what I was doing for FROZEN MIST. And to answer that? Why yes, it sure did!! Mt. Davis had an observation tower, kinda like a fire tower, in which visitors could climb the stairs to the top and enjoy the view all around and also feel the winds from high above the ground. When my wife and I got there, there were just a couple people visiting. So we snapped a bunch of photos from the ground level and then we made the ascend up the observation tower. When we got to the top, the wind was really blowing hard (this was the middle of a hot summer), and we shot more pix from the top. We stayed up there for a good 15 to 20 minutes, and then we started back down the stairs to reach the ground. Halfway down the stairs, my wife and I heard these noises, kinda like a howling wind thru the trees sort of sound, but more like ancient flute sounds (Native American flute?) or a whistling sound... it's hard to explain even to this day, but that's what we heard. I've never heard anything like it before in my life and again, there was no one around at the time we made our descent down the stairs!! Kinda like a cool but scary haunting vibe going on. From that very exact moment, the whatever flute sound that was made me think "pagan" and the howling "winds" at the same time brought fourth the next full length albums title...

I started writing and composing the next demo called "PAGANWINDS". Four tracks were written and composed starting with the new and final demo version of "Eschatology", the title track "Paganwinds", "Niflheim Whispers" and "The Ravens Circle". All four tracks would be recorded and used for the final album.

And now, let's talk about the final, full length album, "PAGANWINDS". Along with the four tracks from the previous demo, I wrote three more tracks. "Eschatology", like I stated earlier was the first track written and composed for the album. I had 13 song titles written down and saved in a notepad text file, so I chose three more to fit the albums theme. Once again, I used my Washburn Lyon bass for this release.

I'll just state this here now and get it out of the way... 2013 was a very fucking shitty year!!!

1: Wulv contributed on this album, but not as consistantly as he did in previous FROZEN MIST albums. I labelled him as a guest instead of a band member as he only laid down backing vox on two tracks and pagan instruments on three. I felt that he no longer really seemed interested and in December of 2013, alot of bad vibes were going on in my personal life and knowing that, I reached my boiling point and eventually blew up at everyone around me, including Wulv.

2: Zana once again, was going to be the cover model as well for "PAGANWINDS". (By the way, there were five women interested to be featured on the albums front cover, and at one point, three women on the front cover all at once.) The last promotional help that I saw from Zana spreading the word about FROZEN MIST was somewhere around August 2013. Now I don't push it on people to help spread the word and get our music out there, but it is nice to see that people are actually interested in what we're doing with our music. I questioned her about it in a Facebook message a few months later I believe in November and asked if she was still helping to promote "PAGANWINDS" and she told me indeed, that she was. Not hearing anything from her (I don't know if it was Facebook's fault that I wasn't seeing her posts or if she blocked me from seeing what she was posting, hell, I'll never know), I kept seeing that my old cover model from "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" and the BRUMOUS "KARMA" album was indeed getting the word out about FROZEN MIST and the new "PAGANWINDS" album that I was finishing up. It was infact Kindra Ravenmoon. This brought my spirits up!! So, in essence of her promoting the album and my band, I had gotten ahold of Kindra in a Facebook message in December 2013 and decided to use her instead for the albums cover model because she was really promoting the hell out of the release, and that's what I truly wanted and loved.

OUTCOME: As a result of the above two paragraphs, I lost Wulv as a band member and as a friend. Three to four years later, we have made up, but we're not nearly as close as we once were. Zana and I are no longer friends anymore. 2013 can go fuck off.

2013 spawned two "inspirational" type of music video clips from this album, the title track "Paganwinds" in March and "Whispers From Niflheim" in June.

The new artwork for "PAGANWINDS" featuring Kindra Ravenmoon was done by Benny Yarnell, and it was a first to have someone else do artwork for a FROZEN MIST album. The original intro track "Natureworship" that I had originally composed had a "warm, summer" vibe and feel to it. After looking at what Benny had done for the artwork, it had a "cold, wintery" feel to it. So, I had to recompose "Natureworship" to fit the new artwork and give the track a cold, atmospheric sound and feel.

"PAGANWINDS" was going to be a Wolf's Lair Records exclusive release, but after the shittiness of 2013's brutal fucking end, I reopened my indie label, Capcomia Studios, and "PAGANWINDS" was finally released on March 1st, 2014. I dubbed this as the final FROZEN MIST album.

After "PAGANWINDS" was released, and after all the shit that happened during the final outcome in late 2013, I put FROZEN MIST on an indefinite hiatus. The track "Valknut Rising" would inspire the name of a new solo project, aptly titled VALKNUT, which I formed on April 11th, 2014. Still in the pagan black metal mindset, this short album of only six tracks was released on August 30th, 2014. The VALKNUT logo was once again hand drawn by the Lord of Logos, Christophe Szpajdel. The albums title, "ODE", was basically a cry for help. I just wanted to see how much recognition I'd get from this project after the downfall of FROZEN MIST. At this point, my wife bought me a new ESP Ltd. bass and I used it for the first time on this album!! So, I uploaded the albums six mp3 tracks plus the front cover artwork to my Bandcamp site. The cover was modelled by Blackera Vakker hailing from Chile. A few days after I uploaded this album, myself and Blackera received a lot of hateful comments by people who enjoy hiding behind their computer screens. I immediately removed the album from Bandcamp, and as a result of this, I found out people were dowloading the album for free and mocking it. I then found a very shitty, not so thorough review on the Metal Archives site about the "ODE" album and at this point, I just felt like giving up making music entirely. That was my initial thought at this point in time... Should I keep this train going??

The only official music video that spawned from this release was "Flight", which was basially me walking in the woods near to where I live, clips of me playing my bass and also a few clips of ravens flying in the sky. This video was not received very well on YouTube. The video was also rushed as I just wanted something to try and help promote this small album. The last track, "Sumbel", I went WAY out of my comfort zone of metal and experimented on something more pagan-like and atmospheric. This was also heavily inspired by watching the History Channel's "Vikings" TV show, watching and educating myself on pagan rituals and blood eagles.

At 37 minutes total, I think "ODE" is the shortest full-length album that I've ever created. I also remember saying to myself and others that this VALKNUT "ODE" album should've been the follow up to "PAGANWINDS", or that I should've called it "PAGANWINDS: PART 2". Weird thoughts, but yeah. It could've happened, but it didn't, man.

After the VALKNUT "ODE" shiznit, on October 1st, 2014, I closed up VALKNUT and started back up my main baby, FROZEN MIST. In August and September, I had started writing a second VALKNUT album prior to FROZEN MIST's reopening... this demo was entitled "ARCHAIC", and I had two skeleton demo tracks composed, basically just the rhythm guitar riffs, acoustic guitar parts, drums and some ambient female pagan styled chants hovering in the background. The first track was called "Ode" (ironic?), which some of those riffs later ended up becoming "Wraith" on the 2018 album, "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL", and the second track was titled "Tenalach", which became "Echoes of Folklore" on 2016's, "THE TENALACH PROPHECY".

MAZZEY... REINCARNATED?? (2014-2015)

On May 26th, 2014, Robert "Gecko" Frank and myself ended up reforming our old band MAZZEY. After 13 years of silence, we knew that the 20 year anniversary was coming up since we originally started the band in 1994. So we both started working on a DVD documentary where the both of us and some of the past members would record some memories of being in the band from back then. I had also composed for the first time "The Curse" and "Holocaustic Memories" from two of our past albums and both of us revocalized them. We called the DVD "DIE ZWANZIG JAHR HOLOCAUST", which is German for "The 20 Year Holocaust". This was released on August 2nd, 2014.

Between May and September of that year, I started writing and composing music for a brand new MAZZEY full-length album. Along with "Gecko" and myself, we had also brought in Matt Dunkleberger on backup vocals, I had gotten ahold of my good friend Richard Baysinger for lead guitar, and finally, Nate Reeder on bass guitar. One music video was filmed along with old videos and pictures we dug up from the 1990's archives and I edited those into the music video for the track, "Fuck the Haters". The album was titled "REINCARNATION" and was released on New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2014.

After "REINCARNATION" was unleashed to the public, I started working on a follow up MAZZEY album. The basic concept was about how much technology has changed us for the worse. I titled this demo "TECHNOLOGY IS KILLING US". I composed 8 tracks for this, but it never saw the light of day. During this time, "Gecko" decided to not be a part of MAZZEY anymore, as he felt it wasn't the same MAZZEY as the 1990's era... mainly because the only part he played in "REINCARNATION" was backing vocals, since I wrote all the music for that album, and also the demo I was currently working on. (The 90's era of MAZZEY, "Gecko" played more of a role as lead and rhythm guitars and also lead and backing vox.) I also agreed with him that this version of MAZZEY indeed wasn't the same as it was 13+ years ago. I planned to keep MAZZEY alive after "Gecko" quit the band in 2015, but then after a few months had passed, I also decided to bury the hatchet so-to-speak and leave MAZZEY buried underground for good.


Around the summer of 2014, the Capcomia Studios logo was updated by Christophe and the following year, I added a devil woman silhouette on top of it. The devil woman silhouette is supposed to repesent another friend of mine since the old MySpace days, Herlaka Rose.

When I started composing the music for the next, NEW FROZEN MIST full length album, "THE TENALACH PROPHECY", I started doing research on rare and not too familiar looking words by mostly Googling shit for track titles. Take "Psithurism" for example... this is the sound of rustling leaves or wind in the trees. Fucking perfect title, man!! This track also happens to be one of my favorites that I ever wrote!!!

In keeping with the pagan black metal style and not having Wulv in the band now, I bought myself a Ukrainian sopilka mostly inspired by the band KRODA at the time of writing this album, and I missed those sounds from the previous FROZEN MIST albums where they were used. So, I taught myself how to play the sopilka and utilized it on this release. The bass guitar on "THE TENALACH PROPHECY" was not played by me this time round. I still had my ESP Ltd. bass, but I wanted the bass to stand out more and I really liked the sound and tone of a Rickenbacker bass, and so I wanted to find software that could emulate that particular sound since I didn't have $1,500 bucks to buy a fucking USED Ricky. LOL. After some research, I finally came across a program called the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass plugin, and it sounded real good to me! As far as the drums, I've been using EZdrummer/Superior Drummer 2.0, but style-wise, I wanted more experimentation done to my drums in that aspect. I still had the blast beats, thrash and brutal death metal drumming, but wanted something a bit more for flavor, a taste of progressive and jazzy fusion style beats and rhythms!!

"THE TENALACH PROPHECY" to me was a pretty damn strong come back album for FROZEN MIST. I implemented styles from both the "PAGANWINDS" and the VALKNUT "ODE" albums and merged those styles into this album, and then some. The three instrumentals on "THE TENALACH PROPHECY" were conceptual ambient pagan sound ideas captured from the previous albums VALKNUT track, "Sumbel".

Around June 2015, I met Aaron Yagel as he was a friend of my neighbor Ken back then. He said he played bass and I had recently acquired a Schecter Damien Elite 6-string guitar at this point. On one hot summer night, Ken, Aaron and myself jammed together for awhile here at Capcomia Studios. Nothing was recorded.

In August the same year, Aaron mentioned that he had a friend named Steve that also plays guitar. So the three of us got together and I told them that I wanted to make a music video for a track off "THE TENALACH PROPHECY". The track that I chose was "B.P.H.S.P.", which is an acronym for "Blood Pride Honour Strength Power", these were the words written in Elder Futhark runes circling around the FROZEN MIST logo that I later added. So the three of us rehearsed the song and then headed out to the Loyalsock State Forest to record the majority of the music video. Other clips that were used were shot in Clarkstown, PA. During the recording of the video for "B.P.H.S.P.", the first official lyric video I posted on YouTube in September 2015 for the track, "Valkyrie", in which I made to also help boost and promote the upcoming album.

Sometime in September 2015, I adopted a new pseudonym and rid myself of the Darkj name I had been using since 2009, hence the name Orodreth was born. I also had Aaron and Steve come up with pseudonyms for themseves to give their names an inspired J.R.R. Tolkien black metal feel. Aaron came up with Daeron and Steve became Salmar. Side note: Salmar, although credited as rhythm guitarist in the booklet for "THE TENALACH PROPHECY", did not play on the album because it was done at this point as he had just joined FROZEN MIST during this time.

After the "B.P.H.S.P." video was finished, edited and uploaded on YouTube in November 2015, things between Aaron and myself were not going quite so well. After seeing the views and dislikes from the recently posted music video, I noticed his imitating the bass parts that I composed really didn't look like he was playing the track at all, basically just playing whatever, which made it look too fake to watch... which is why it probably didn't do so well on YouTube. Another thing (going off subject) that I thought was funny was what I posted on Facebook - "18 is actually 9"... in which my first instinct immediately was I thought someone was going to reply KING DIAMOND, right?? He commented and said "No it's not", as if he was trying to figure out a math problem. I fucking lost it with laughter!! I mean who doesn't know that that is a pretty famous quote from the King himself?? Baaahhhhh, whatever. So in late 2015, I had enough of his shit and I cut him loose from FROZEN MIST. He acted a little too childish and also didn't know how to play bass, man.

Sooo, after that episode, in December that year I decided that I didn't like the Orodreth name and I reverted back to being the Darkj that everyone knows me as. Steve still kept his alias as Salmar.

The first cover model for "THE TENALACH PROPHECY"... well, I really didn't have one to boot. Technically, first it was my wife's right eye zoomed in and set the background of a forest pic that I took. The next cover concept was more of my wife's face and eyes planted onto a plain white sky with a blurred green forest and mountains in the background, and in the center foreground, the bottom half of a cracked glass globe with a tree coming out of it. The final front cover was a wintry mountain forest pic I found on Google, and I added a viking ship in the river, a black horse with wings (as told by in my lyrics for "Passage to Valhalla"), and the final cover was modelled by Sigrid Ragnorack, hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada.

"THE TENALACH PROPHECY" recordings introduced some brand new things as well... studio-wise. I puchased and upgraded some of Capcomia Studios equipment, beginning with an Audiobox USB interface by PreSonus, something that I have never used before in my recording sessions, and a condenser microphone with a pop filter. It also came with new software for laying down individual tracks called Studio One, which looked alot like Avid's Pro Tools, but to me, Studio One looked way better. Plus I'm not a fan of Apple products, hahaha!! So when I wrote and composed the music for "THE TENALACH PROPHECY", each music track was put into its own separate track in the program and I really enjoyed mixing the album this way moreso than using FL Studio and Adobe Audition for everything like I did in the past.

"THE TENALACH PROPHECY" was released on April 2nd, 2016.

THE "REVAMP" ERA (2016-2017)

When "THE TENALACH PROPHECY" was done, I didn't really feel like writing and composing pagan black metal music anymore. I was slowly losing interest in this style of music. After revisiting the majority of my past catalog, I decided to do something... I started recomposing a few older FROZEN MIST tracks from various albums using my new VST plugins and instruments that I've recently acquired. Then the unimaginable occurred... I wanted to pull a sort of TYPE O NEGATIVE "THE ORIGIN OF THE FECES" type of album, a fake live album recorded in the studio type of thing. So, after I recomposed roughly 70+ minutes of music, I found a live background concert audience audio clip, looped and edited it for that length, and retracked all the vocals with Salmar also doing backup vox. Salmar also wrote a new instrumental that he named "Ruins Remain" halfway thru the album. I called the fake live album "UNDER BROODING SKIES". This title was inspired by the first line of lyric from the FATES WARNING track, "No Exit", and it was also the name of the first track from the "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" album.

"UNDER BROODING SKIES" was the first album to feature Adelaide Bovard on female vocals for two tracks, replacing Katarina Rose's original vocals on the epic "Dark Seasons of Sorrow" and "Agromania", originally from the "GODFORSAKEN" album. Adelaide had originally gotten ahold of me back in 2015 thru email about wanting to be in my band, but at that time, I was working on "THE TENALACH PROPHECY" and had no use for a female vocalist. (Fuck, NOW a woman gets ahold of me about wanting to sing in my band I thought, lol. Perfect timing, man... NOT!!) I told her back then that we could possibly collaborate on a side-project together at some point in the near future. Well as it turned out, the following year, I emailed her back and asked her if she'd like to do vocals for those two tracks from "UNDER BROODING SKIES", so she did them rather quickly and I was quite surprised at the result!! Then, I needed lead guitar solos for this album, so I had gotten back ahold of Richard Baysinger to fill those parts, and I also received those files pretty fast as well.

I labelled Richard as a guest for this album because I wasn't sure what was going to happen next for FROZEN MIST at this point. I knew he had projects of his own and I didn't want to intrude on his time away from that. It was at this point I felt it necessary to bring Adelaide on as a member of the band, because in my mind I think I knew where I wanted FROZEN MIST to go from here. The cover for "UNDER BROODING SKIES" was modelled by Herlaka Rose and was officially released on the FROZEN MIST anniversary date, February 14th, 2017.

Going back to 2016 during the "UNDER BROODING SKIES" recording sessions, I started listening to my older albums quite a bit and I wanted to "revamp" a couple albums to bring them up to date with the instruments and VST plugins I currently had in my possession as I stated earlier, as long as I still had the original work files from FL Studio to do so. The first album(s) I recomposed were "GODFORSAKEN" along with "SAPPHIRIC", and I released these together on September 24th, 2016 as a 2 disc set. The original vocals were kept intact with Richard Baysinger supplying brand new lead guitar solos since the original albums didn't have "real" guitar solos, just the ones that I composed back then that were repeated and sounded like complete shit. The front cover were the originals from both albums from 2006 combined side by side as the new front cover.

On October 31st the same year, I released thru Capcomia Studios the revamped version of "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" including six bonus tracks that were never before released to the public. Once again, I utilized the same original cover from 2008, the same vocal files, and also the original lead guitar solos were used in this newly updated remixed version.

During September 2016, I also planned to revamp the 2004 album, "CEMETERY RAIN", but something happened to my PC and I lost those newly revamped files and after October had gone and passed, I felt it was too late and I ended up just scraping the idea. I even shot a short promo video discussing the "CEMETERY RAIN" revamp on October 3rd where I revisited Wildwood Cemetery, which was where the original front cover photo was taken. I was also planning to revamp "CEMETERY RAIN II" and release both of these as a 2 disc set and call it "CEMETERY REIGN", but that didn't happen either. Ugh. Oh well...

The next and final album (so far) that I would revamp in this massive series of me recomposing my older albums music would be the "ESPERSHADES -REMIX EDITION-", which I started working on between May and June of 2017. Same scenario as before, I had all the original files for this 2009 release, but I also planned to have a brand new cover model and all new artwork for this revamped version. The model after awhile didn't seem interested and didn't really speak too highly about being on the cover, so that didn't last long. After pondering the idea and going thru the original "ESPERSHADES" photo library I had saved from the 2008-2009 sessions, I decided to keep Melanie Swank as the cover model once again, but using more of her images from unused photoshoots this time round. These photos were never released outside of Capcomia Studios... until now!! This NEW "remixed version" also included one bonus demo track called "Awaken The Esper", which was the very first track I originally wrote for "ESPERSHADES" back in 2008, but it was left incomplete, and it was when the first original model Kitty was still involved with this project, and was also going to be the original title to the album back then. The "ESPERSHADES -REMIX EDITION-" was released by Capcomia Studios on Halloween 2017.

THE PARANORMAL ERA: mk.II (2016-2018)

After re-listening to the original "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" millions of times, I also planned on "revamping" this album as well, but figured it sounded good enough just the way it was.

The next work in progress FROZEN MIST album had an early working title called "THRONE OF THE USURPER", which would have been the pagan black metal follow-up to 2016's "THE TENALACH PROPHECY". The "THRONE OF THE USURPER" title was summoned by me on December 8th, 2015. It was indeed inspired once again by the History Channel's "Vikings" TV show. A later album title surfaced and was entitled "ARCHAIC THRESHOLD", but shortly after, I decided I didn't like that title, so I reverted back.

With new members for FROZEN MIST and with music already composed in demo format, I decided to take the "THRONE OF THE USURPER" skeleton tracks and set them aside, but did not want to toss them completely. Upon further listening to the demos, I wanted to use these tracks as a foundation for the next FROZEN MIST album, thus change the style all together back to a dark horror metal theme, hence the idea to create a horror metal album under the working title, "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL, PART II" came to fruition. So ultimately, the "THRONE OF THE USURPER" demos became the "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL, PART II" demos. This title was changed on July 12th, 2016.

Herlaka Rose was the first cover model for this early working album title and concepts I had been working on in Photoshop began to arise. A few weeks later, Kindra Ravenmoon was added as the second cover model. I figured with "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL, PART II", and this being a cotinuation of the first "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" album, it'd be smart to have Kindra back as well with Herlaka Rose, and for me to conjure up a new concept for the albums front cover artwork.

I then decided that what I had composed musically with these demos, that the same sound and structure of these songs would probably be too complex and practically almost impossible to play on real instruments, given the knowledge I have composing music versus actually playing the music with real instruments. I feared that I would not be able to achieve the same sound, which is what I wanted and why I kept these demo tracks. So with that mindset, I wanted to create brand new music with FROZEN MIST, and separate these "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL, PART II" demos into its own new entity... therefore my alias DARKJ was created as a new one man solo band project and the title instantly became "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL", because I thought that "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL, PART II" would not seem like a good title for the DARKJ band name seeing as the original "WHITE NOISE PARANORMAL" is a FROZEN MIST album. The DARKJ solo project along with the "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL" final album title happened on September 15th, 2016.

A few months into 2017, I decided to rid my solo project DARKJ and keep the "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL" title as the next full length FROZEN MIST album instead. At this point, I completely redesigned and finalized the album cover in Photoshop with our models, Herlaka Rose and Kindra Ravenmoon.

Around the beginning of July 2017, Walt Davis (who played lead guitars on the first half of the "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" album) rejoined FROZEN MIST, along with the current lineup of myself, Salmar and Adelaide, now as a four piece band. Katarina Rose (who also appeared on the first half of "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" as a female vocalist) at this point, we were emailing each other back and fourth alot, as she desired not to be on any social media sites. She had moved to Germany... I guess she settled down, was going to college and wasn't really doing anything musically. I was curious if she was still singing or if she collaborated with anyone since she was last in FROZEN MIST, but to my knowledge, she hadn't. I released a solo album of her's on my label Capcomia Studios back in 2016, but I think that was it. During these email interactions, I asked if she'd like to participate on a few tracks from "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL", but she said that she would only do one track and if she'd have time, she would do maybe one or two more. It turned out that she only managed to do just one, and the track I sent her was the last one I wrote for the album, entitled "Masochistic Illusions". So Katarina was labelled as a guest vocalist for that track only.

When I received the complete vocal files from Adelaide to mix into the album, they sounded real good, man!! This was in late August 2017 and we had just released our first official music video for "The Spectre's Shadow" at this point and we were getting ideas around to start filming a second music video for the track, "Epileptic Fears". (Adelaide, like Katarina, also does not use any social media sites, so sadly the only means of communication was thru email only.) In the beginning of September, I emailed her saying that I needed her to shoot video herself doing her vocal lines for "Epileptic Fears" so I could add them into our new music video. Two weeks passed and I haven't heard from her, so I emailed her once again and at this point, the video was practically finished and all I needed was her vocal video. A few more weeks had gone by and I still haven't received a reply back. Even to this day, she has never emailed me back or gotten in touch with me, so I don't know if she lost interest or what happened... so as a result of this, I just decided to let her go, so sadly she is no longer a member of FROZEN MIST. I figured there's no point keeping her onboard if there's no communication, man.

Once Walt finished up the lead guitar solos for the "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL", the album was complete!! So, it was time to start mixing everything all together for the final product. The album was mastered by me in late February/early March 2018. "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL" was finally released on March 10th, 2018.

Once "Black Noise Paranormal" was released in physical CD format, a few days later it was also made available digitally online in various stores internationally.


During the opus of "BLACK NOISE PARANORMAL", I began writing material for a new album starting in October 2017. The mindset completely changed as I wanted to create music in a funeral doom metal style, but not just for one or two tracks... I wanted a whole album done this way!! At this time, I really started listening to and appreciating the music of SHAPE OF DESPAIR, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION and a new band I recently found out about called OMIT. There were also a few other bands that inspired me such as NOX AUREA, AVA INFERI and 7TH MOON, which those bands albums had female vocals on them.

So, with Adelaide and Katarina out of the picture, I started the search for women who could sing... but not just as a collaboration from women outside my area. I really wanted someone that was local to me and for my band. But from North Central Pennsylvania? Where the hell are they?? Hahaha!! No one in my area listens to the kind of music I'm into or what I create... or at least I thought. Still holds true, but to my knowledge, there are very few, just finding them was the hard part. In March 2018, there was one I started talking to and she seemed interested and even started listening to alot of doom metal bands on YouTube to get inspired, but ultimately she said she wouldn't have the time to record and seemed as if she had lost interest. Once this happened, I kept on searching. On March 29th, 2018, I asked Samantha Frome if she would be like to try out for vocals (she had also tried out back in 2006 during the "DARK SEASONS OF SORROW" demo sessions), and she definitely seemed interested and we also had a few meetings to talk about this. On the downside though, time is also an issue with her. Sooo, what now I thought to myself??

During April 2018, myself and Salmar had pretty much finished up what would be slated as the next full length FROZEN MIST album. Also, this marks the first FROZEN MIST album that uses all real guitars and bass on the tracks. Three of the skeleton tracks were composed by me in FL Studio, only to be overwritten and re-recorded live in the studio. The new album, as written by both myself and Salmar, will feature just 5 songs, in which he wrote two of the tracks. On March 17th, I had also came up with the final title for the new album, entitled "CEASE TO EXIST".

I still needed a cover model to set the mood for this new album. I figured with the style of music I was taking FROZEN MIST to, I also wanted some new blood as well for the album cover. I had gotten ahold of a few women, all at different times starting back in March. One never got back to me at all, one wasn't "allowed" to, lol, the third one said she was interested but her communication skills were fucking horrible because she failed to check the messages I was sending her for a date and time for a photoshoot. Apparently I was messaging her too much? Whatever, hahaha!!. I can't work with people that don't communicate. By the way, these three women were local. The next one I asked was from Canada. She seemed interested but I didn't see that and I decided to eventually let her go. The final model I chose is someone I met on Twitter and goes by the alias, "Belladonna". She hails fom Ireland.

I was still on the hunt for a female vocalist at this point, and had also thought of ridding myself of vocal duties and have the female vocals at the forefront and to have her stand out. On April 22nd, 2018, I saw an ad on Facebook about a female lead vocalist looking for a band to join in my local area. Clarissa Guthrie had messaged me after I commented on her post from the ad that I saw. From then, we met up the following day and started talking about music and our interests and stemming from that, I decided to invite her to be in FROZEN MIST. On April 29th, she laid down her first track and we were all amazed at how well she sounded with the music we created.

With FROZEN MIST going quite well, I still had a desire to create music. Last month in March, I started going back and again "revamping" a few of my older tracks, starting with some doom style ones from "FORESHADOWED" and "WEEPING REDOLENCE" and was going to compile together a revamped doom metal FROZEN MIST collection. This turned into me revamping even more tracks, especially from my first two FROZEN MIST albums, "NIGHTMARES OF THE AUTUMN SUCCUBUS" and "RETURN TO CAPCOMIA". For the hell of it, I also created two brand new tracks... one in a doom metal style and the other being a black metal track. The black metal track I put aside because it didn't fit with the other doom styled revamped tracks that I previously composed.

Fast-forward to May 4th, 2018. I decided to open a new solo side project under my alias, DARKJ. The revamped FROZEN MIST tracks I was composing moved into this new side project, and then the unimaginable happened. That unused, set-aside black metal track I mentioned earlier? Well, I started composing more black metal tracks!! So then I thought, well, with the revamped doom metal tracks, I could make this a 2-CD set. The first disc being the black metal side and disc 2 being the doom metal side as a bonus disc or something. Then I decided to just not use the revamped doom metal tracks after all. I wanted to make my new solo project completely black metal. So with this mindset, I started composing more music to make a full length black metal album under the DARKJ name. In August, I laid down vocals for two of these tracks, and then lost interest and wanted to focus merely on the FROZEN MIST work in progress album.

Back to FROZEN MIST, around July, four of the five tracks were completely vocalized, so only one more track was left for Clarissa to do. There may have been a slight hiatus at this point for the next couple months as there seemed to be no inspiration on how to vocalize this fifth and final track.

In late November 2018, Clarissa finally laid down her vocals on the last track. They were not as good as the other ones she did earlier this year. I tried my best to edit them to make it sound good, but it just wasn't coming together as I hoped it would. Some tension started to arise and things were not looking good for FROZEN MIST at this point. I gave her some options and on January 4th 2019, she chose to leave the band. She also mentioned that she did not want us to use her vocals on the tracks she had previously recorded with us, so now we were left with no vocals for the upcoming album. So that night, I started looking for a replacement female vocalist to fill her spot and to redo all five tracks for "CEASE TO EXIST".

A few days later on January 8th, 2019, I asked my daughter Chelsea if she would like to contribute her vocals for our album. Of course, she agreed so I gave her the music and lyrics so that she could practice them until we get things ready to start recording her at the studio. We were all very excited that she has joined us. On January 13th, we followed up with an updated promotional photoshoot for our upcoming album.